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IppoPay - Aiming To Be The Digital Push For Rural India
A quick read about the basic business objective of IppoPay, the vision and values of the fintech service we render, a brief about our product portfolio, a glimpse of IppoPay's journey and the path ahead!

Powering The Indian UNDER/UN-Banked Kirana Stores

IppoPay is focused on catering to the financial needs of the millions of under/unbanked sectors in Bharath and helping them speed to digital banking. Today, most small businesses in India’s Tier 4 to Tier 6 cities do not fully participate in the formal financial system. “Digital India” launched by the Indian Government in 2015 is a flagship initiative for a vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society. Following this, the digital payments market is forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 13.7 percent between 2021 and 2026 – a demand driven by greater convenience, favorable government policies, evolving consumer behaviour as well as the COVID-19 disruption.

The story

IppoPay is a fintech start-up from Tamilnadu providing top-notch Digital Banking Services. Launched in November 2020, we have had an incredible journey in the world of neo banking services for offline/online merchants in Tamil Nadu. Headquartered in Chennai, IppoPay provides Full-Stack Neo Banking tech APIs, Payouts, PG and UPI. PG services have recorded more than INR 5000 crores of transactions and we currently have an offline merchant base of 30,000 and counting. Ippopay has grown 10X across multiple metrics and is termed profitable. 

IppoPay has also been the new hotbed for pre-seed investors and is on track to build the largest fintech brand with dead easy digital payments and banking solutions.

Product offerings

Our payment infrastructure for online businesses includes Payment Gateways and Payouts. We provide BaaS to Conventional Banks via full stack tech APIs thereby digitizing various primary functions of banking like Collections, Lendings, Insurance and more. Our Core Banking Infrastructure is an entire banking model for some of the tech- handicapped Regional Rural Banks, Small Finance Banks and Co-Operative Banks for the digitization of data collection and credit assessments.

Our NeoBanking solution for Offline Stores, the ‘Ippo Store’ is a fully featured Payment tool that facilitates Collection and Disbursal of payments. Some unique features of the store app are Banking Handle, BuyNow-PayLater, Inbuilt e-POS, DigitalLedger, Inventory, Smart Customer Database and a TongueSpecific Portal.

Merchants are provided with NeoBank Accounts and a Debit card. All payment transactions made by customers are settled to their Neobank accounts. 

IppoPay store app is inclusive of 11 Indian Regional Languages - Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Odia. The support and grievance care is addressed in the language of the merchant.

The Target - Banking The Unbanked

IppoPay is pacing up to reach many rural offline businesses. Bharat merchants account for 30% of India’s GDP involving 460 million people, so catering to the needs of these merchants and bringing to them the power of digital banking is significant as it has a direct impact on the Indian economy. Our goal is to put an end to every tedious and time taking task of a rural bharath merchant handling his/her payment and make them run faster with modern financial technology that is 10X times profitable and easy to use. IppoPay will work towards servicing and transforming Businesses The Right Way.

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