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A freelancer or freelance worker is a person who pursues a profession without a long-term commitment to any one employer.

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Problems faced by Freelancers
  • It is hard for the freelancers to manage the payment details on excel sheets, convert them to PDFs to send invoices to clients
  • If freelancer needs to use third-party SaaS-based invoice system like Zoho they need to pay for it which may be hard for them
  • Freelancers cannot maintain a record of invoices and Pay Pal charges 4.4% per transaction which is their major problem
  • No payment gateway is provided for them as it can be given only for the registered business users
Solutions to Freelancers by IppoPay
  • With IppoPay, it is easy to create, send invoices, track, collect and manage payments
  • IppoPay offers a free SaaS-based invoice software and freelancers have to pay only when their customers pay
  • Simple to maintain a record of invoices and IppoPay charges only 3% per transaction which is lesser than the amount charged by Paypal
  • There's no set-up/installation fee or hidden charges and IppoPay offers them with payment gateway and Invoice software
Focusing on opportunities, not babysitting
We help you to grow your business network based on who you transact with especially for all classes of businesspeople (Newspaper boy, milk vendors, handcraft businesswomen, women dress resellers-online, etc).
  • Individuals
  • Blogging
  • Tutoring
Small agencies
  • Plumbers
  • Carpenters
  • Ac technicians
Working women
  • Handcraft businesswomen
  • Online dress resellers
  • Handwoven muffler, sweater
Business in rural areas
  • Milk vendors
  • Newspaper boy
  • Vegetable/ Fruits vendors
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