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IppoPay helps to turn your
Offline business to Online
IppoPay provides free SaaS-based online store software (eCommerce platform) so those offline business individuals
can use this platform to turn their business online

The Offline business includes physical shops like Jewellery, Textiles, retail stores, etc

Offline to Online focusing on small offline sellers
Provide your customers and yourself with faster access to funds through online payments.
Problems faced by Offline Business
  • Offline sellers find it hard to set up an online store. They also feel hard to maintain and develop due to a lack of installation knowledge
  • Offline retailers find it difficult to buy an online store/ website. They cannot take their business to the next level as they operate their business in a smaller circle and hence their sales rate may be low
  • They need to hire freelancers or developers to maintain and set up everything
Solutions to Offline Business by IppoPay
  • Streamline online store using IppoPay; Pay only when your customers pay
  • Enjoy a seamless selling experience. Get notified once the payment is completed and track all your business records using our Merchant application
  • It is not necessary to hire a freelancer or a developer to turn your offline store online. Just sign up, start using IppoPay and sell your products to all places & thus increase your income using our Ecommerce platform
Focusing on opportunities, not babysitting
We help you to grow your business network based on who you transact with especially for all classes of businesspeople (Newspaper boy, milk vendors, handcraft businesswomen, women dress resellers-online, etc).
  • Individuals
  • Blogging
  • Tutoring
Small agencies
  • Plumbers
  • Carpenters
  • Ac technicians
Working women
  • Handcraft businesswomen
  • Online dress resellers
  • Handwoven muffler, sweater
Business in rural areas
  • Milk vendors
  • Newspaper boy
  • Vegetable/ Fruits vendors
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