Build and scale your recurring
business model
We offer a free SaaS-based solution that helps you in creating and managing subscriptions
and accept payments online easily

We mainly focus on small scale business individuals like milk vendors, newspaper boys, handcraft businesswomen, etc.

Supports all kinds of regional language
Ippo Pay makes it much easier to accept payments online without the need of any developers free of cost.
Problems faced by Freelancers
  • As payment companies provide the only API, small scale business people find it hard to install, update, develop and maintain it
  • Local businesspersons like milk vendors, newspaper boys, and chit fund employers may need to collect payments in person. They may find it hard and this takes too much time.
  • Language may be one of the reasons that they may find it hard to make use of online payments.
Solutions to Freelancers by Ippo Pay
  • Create plans based upon your business; sign up by providing details like name, phone number, address, etc, and start using Ippo Pay for getting paid
  • No worries about the language as this app support all kinds of regional languages.
  • Regarding payment, you can send the payment links via SMS, Email to the individuals (your clients), and they can tap and pay. Everything is free and you have to pay only when the customers pay. (Pay per transaction)
Focusing on opportunities, not babysitting
We help you to grow your business network based on who you transact with especially for all classes of businesspeople (Newspaper boy, milk vendors, handcraft businesswomen, women dress resellers-online, etc).
  • Individuals
  • Blogging
  • Tutoring
Small agencies
  • Plumbers
  • Carpenters
  • Ac technicians
Working women
  • Handcraft businesswomen
  • Online dress resellers
  • Handwoven muffler, sweater
Business in rural areas
  • Milk vendors
  • Newspaper boy
  • Vegetable/ Fruits vendors
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